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Keeping aligned with the course of our automotive industry trends, PSM clearly supports localization efforts in this field. This support includes not only endeavors for localization of the parts and components but also participation in developing new systems from the scratch.
PSM advantages in executing R&D projects on demand of the Final Customers in automotive industry can be reflected in mobilizing the capacities and capabilities in local knowledge-based start-ups and companies while making best use of leading international partners’ experiences via supervisory and consultancy services.
Agility and effectiveness in responding to the market demand are the wings of the PSM to boost its capabilities to provide the Final Customers with the most efficient R&D solutions. The key point is the careful combination of local knowledge-based support which guarantees localization benefits with the invaluable guidelines and supervisory services provided by skillful international partners.
As a matter of fact, reinventing the wheel is not the choice of anybody in the competitive world of today. So wise selection of supervisors would pave the way of success in such R&D projects. Hesitated to label such an approach as an in-house mentality, PSM insists to make best use of all the available potentials to guarantee success and quality in R&D projects in automotive industry. This cannot be done unless PSM keeps one eye wide open on the reality and dynamics of Iranian automotive industry and market.